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For many episodes to come, we'll be diving into the rich story that is Poland. From it's humble beginnings, we'll follow the people of Poland as they form their own unique cultural identity, rise into a great European power, cross paths with the Mongol Horde, save Europe from an Ottoman invasion, and do their best to keep their independence firm from one generation to the next.

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What listeners have to say:

"You'd think that undertaking to cover the History of Poland would be dense and time-consuming, but so far this podcast is snappy and fun. The host is covering the history thoroughly but in small, easy-to-grasp bites. Off to a great start!" 

~Podcast listener review posted on May 24, 2017

"Thank you for your great Polish history podcasts. My wife is Polish and we live part of the year in Warszawa. I am eager for good material that helps me better understand the nation and the people. Your podcasts provide that great historic thread that I've been hungering for."

~Podcast listener review posted on June 18, 2018


"It's like Mike Duncan's History of Rome, but for Poland and also a little more clever."

~Podcast Listener review posted on May 2, 2017